Creality Rotary Roller for Laser Engraving Machine


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Perfect for Engraving Cylindrical Objects

This rotary roller for laser engraving machine is perfect for engraving cylindrical objects. Place your cylindrical work stably on the rotary roller and rotate it smoothly through LightBurn. It’s suitable for engraving cans, wine bottles, cups, curved crafts, and more.

Adjustable Width for Various Diameter Rangers

7 gears are optional for cylindrical objects of different sizes.


Engrave Goblets More Steadily

The lifting bracket is designed to fix the slender parts of clonical objects, such as wine bottles, goblets, etc.

Work Better with Risers

Engraving cylindrical objects becomes easier with the risers (not included), since it increases the engraving height and meet more engraving needs.

How to connect and debug the machine:
  • Connect the rotary roller to the machine through the connecting port.
  • Adjust Software Parameters: Before using the rotary roller, you need to modify the value of $101; Enter $101=60.375 on the console and press Enter; Restart the machine after finishing the modification.
  • Start engraving cylindrical objects.
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