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CREALITY K8 channel letter printer

Specialized device for printing so-called channel letters, used in logos and advertising signs. Ready models after adding LED lighting create professional looking arrangements. Creality K8 workspace has dimensions: 800 x 800 x 85 mm. The 3D printer has no enclosed housing. The dimensions of the design are 1222 x 1130 x 700 mm. The manufacturer of the device is Creality.

Advantages of using this device
  • High precision of work
  • High quality prints, industrial class
  • Filmanet sensor
  • Large working space
  • Fast color change (realized by double extruder)
  • Double leveling of the working platform
Easy production of channel letters

Thanks to Creality K8 the production process of channel letters can be significantly shortened. Instead of 25 hours needed for their production in the traditional way (e.g. cutting the material with a plotter, polishing, painting), work with the presented device requires up to two hours and involves only a few steps.

Create 3D LED letters faster

Creality K8 allows to print letters with different font styles: oblique, straight, etc. With two extruders pumping filament into a common nozzle, the K8 allows you to make colorful models. The whole work is highly automated and does not require the use of other equipment (laser plotter, welder, etc.) as it is the case with traditional methods of producing contour letters.

Large workspace

Creality K8's working area is: 800 x 800 x 85 mm. Such a huge space allows to make even very large contour letters or print several of them at the same time. This makes the 3D printer an even more useful and versatile tool.

Precision of movement

Thanks to solutions known from professional, industrial equipment, K8 provides high precision of movement of actuators. The accuracy achieved during movement in the XYZ axis is even 0.02 mm. This increases the quality of final models.

Colorful 3D advertising letters

Creality K8 was designed with the ability to print colorful 3D advertising letters. This feature is implemented through two extruders pumping filament from two different spools into a common nozzle. This solution allows you to automatically change the color without having to manually reposition the material for printing. The K8 can use nozzles with the following hole diameters: 0.6 / 0.8 / 1 / 1.2 mm.

Two robust extruders

The K8 is equipped with two metal extruders that provide high extrusion power to the print material. The filament passes through the PTFE tube to the print nozzle without resistance. Thermal insulation ensures smooth operation.
In addition to high precision operation, the K8 is also quiet. The guide rail runs smoothly without causing unwanted noise. The motors, despite their high speed, do not heat up and provide stable operation.

Mechanical and automatic leveling

Creality K8 3D printer allows for mechanical and automatic (using the sensor) leveling. It supports dynamic leveling compensation.

Intelligent filament sensor

The sensor monitors the feeding process of the printing material in real time. In case of interruption or running out of filament, an audible alarm will alert the user to intervene.














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