BuildTak spatula 120mm


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Easy remove your 3D prints from the build platform with BuildTak spatula

This tool has been developed specifically for the FFF / FDM 3D printing world. It features a durable plastic handle with a non-slip and ergonomic rubber grip. The blade is composed of rigid stainless steel. It has a thin front edge that was designed to be BuildTak safe while still allowing for easy separation of your 3D prints from the build platform.

Product specifications:
  • Easily remove your objects from the 3D printing platform
  • Optimized design for FFF / FDM 3D printing
  • Plastic handle with non-slip and ergonomic rubber grip
  • Blade of rigid stainless steel

Our newest addition to the BuildTak family, the BuildTak Spatula is a removal tool designed and developed specifically for 3D printing. No more using a tool adapted from some other purpose. This awesome new tool features a stainless steel blade with a thin yet rigid front edge for getting under 3D printed objects. The handle is ergonomic and uses a non-slip rubber grip.Do you have problems removing your 3D prints from the build platform? Easily remove your 3D prints from the build platform with BuildTak spatula. Buy here for a good-price.

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