Bondtech LGX Steel Drive Train Upgrade Set


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Lubrication is mandatory

These drive gears are made of hardened steel. Without lubrication they will wear your motor gear down. Use a brush and the supplied lubricant to coat the drive gear teeth.

Metal gears conduct heat

To feed PLA or TPU (low Glass Transition Temperature materials) keep the stepper motor cool (current at, or below, 0.5A).

The LGX extruders fit very well most filament extrusion applications, but some cases demand additional features or capacity that cannot be enabled by their plastic gear sets.

Those cases are:
  • When the LGX are used with a plate in between the extruder and the stepper motor thicker than our recommendation, and up to a limit.Optimal Thickness: LGX: between 0.3 and 2.3 mm, LGX Lite & LGX Lite Mirrored: 2.5 mm Limited to 3.0 mm
  • When the LGX are used in work environments, warmer than our recommendation, and up to a limit Recommended Max Environment operating temperature: LGX: 70°C, LGX Lite & LGX Lite Mirrored: 70°C; Limited to 90°C
  • When the current fed to the LGX stepper motor is higher than our recommendation, and up to the 95% of the rated current. Rated current: LGX: 0.7A, LGX Lite & LGX Lite Mirrored: 1.0A; We recommend between ¨0,45 and ¨0,60A

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