BondTech Dupont Cable


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700 mm, Dupont cable 4-pin connector with locking function to JST-XH6 6-pin connector.

This cable is by default wired for our 40 mm Geared Nema17 motor, please make sure that it follows the schematics for your application.

Controller side           Motor side
PIN 1  —————– PIN 1
PIN 2 —————– PIN 4
PIN 3 —————– PIN 3
PIN 4 —————– PIN 6

If it is going to be used with our 25 mm Pancake motor then swap position of the two center wires in order to have a correct connection like below.

Controller side           Motor side
PIN 1  —————– PIN 1
PIN 2 —————– PIN 3
PIN 3 —————– PIN 4
PIN 4 —————– PIN 6

Dimensions 70 cm

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