BlueCast X5 Resin - 500g - Blue


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BlueCast X5

Precise castable 3D resin for jewellery casting. It is a functional equivalent to the wax used in investment casting. The resin can be processed with the same toolset as wax models. BlueCast X5 has excellent dimensional accuracy and burnout characteristics with 0% ash residue. The sublimation starts at 130 ° C.

The resin can be used for quick burnout at a recommended temperature of 850 ° C. It contains no harmful chemicals that could potentially contaminate the mould. Models printed with BlueCast X5 in 3D do not require further curing, which makes the jeweller's workflow easier and faster. Overall, this resin guarantees a very high direct casting quality with every casting.

The resin may lose colour when exposed to UV light. It is completely normal and does not affect the specified properties.

  • Medals
  • Filigree jewellery
Clean burnout

The BlueCast X5 composition allows the resin to leave no ash residue during burnout.


BlueCast X5 contains no toxic compounds that could possibly contaminate the mould.

No post-curing

Models printed in 3D using BlueCast X5 do not require further curing, which simplifies the jeweller's workflow.

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