BIQU Microprobe V2.0

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BIQU Microprobe V2.0

The BIQU Microprobe V2.0 is a powerful and precise tool that enhances 3D printing accuracy, speed, and reliability. This microprobe is engineered with a high-quality inductive sensor that detects metal surfaces with exceptional accuracy, enabling users to easily conduct automatic bed leveling and height calibration.

High Compatibility and Easy to use

Designed to work with a wide range of 3D printers, the BIQU Microprobe V2.0 is easy to install and set up. It features a compact and durable design that can withstand continuous use over time, ensuring consistent and accurate performance throughout the printing process.

Time saver

The Microprobe V2.0 eliminates the need for manual bed leveling and height calibration, saving you time and effort while ensuring perfect prints every time. The tool works by measuring the distance between the probe and the print bed, and then adjusting the print settings accordingly for optimal printing.

High-Quality Prints with Ease

With the BIQU Microprobe V2.0, you can take your 3D printing to the next level. This powerful tool offers unparalleled accuracy and precision, making it an essential addition to any 3D printing toolkit. Upgrade your printing process today with the BIQU Microprobe V2.0 and enjoy hassle-free, high-quality prints with ease!

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