BIQU H2 V2S Lite Revo Extruder

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H2 V2S Lite Revo

BIQU has teamed up with E3D to introduce a new addition to the H2 V2S line! The revolutionary H2 V2S LITE boasts a lightweight dual-gear extrusion system that is both compact and efficient. With its temperature-resistance and cleverly designed features, this extruder guarantees exceptional performance and exceptional quality prints every time.

High Flow Rates

Equipped with a 0.6mm Revo high flow nozzle and a 60W HeaterCore, H2 V2S LITE Revo amplifies your flow rate from 15mm³/s to an impressive ³/s, enabling you to print faster.

Easy Nozzle Swaps with Revo

Every Revo nozzle can be changed by hand at room temperature. No more tools, no more hot tightening.


Ultra-light Parts

At 175 g, the H2 V2S LITE is astonishingly light: In contrast to its predecessor, the H2 V2.0, the H2 V2S LITE is 36 g lighter! The lower weight ensures more precise positioning and less inertia of the extruder.

Superior TPU Printing

The dual nano-coated steel gear, with a 7:1 ratio and 7.5kg force, enables precise feeding. User-adjustable filament tension improves print success rates for flexible filaments, making it ideal for TPU printing.


Heat Dissipation Perfected High-Temp Printing Unleashed

The hollowed-out aluminum alloy body paired with a 9000rpm 3510 fan and heatsink streamlines heat dissipation, unlocking 300°C high-temperature printing.


Four Mounting Points

Allows attachment of an auto bed level sensor like MicroProbe or a part cooling fan duct to suit your needs best.

Gear Carrier

Made of 7075 T6 aluminum, enhanced with anti-wear MoS2 grease to improve the lever haptics and wear resistance.

Quick Release Lever

Eliminates the continuous handle hold for filament insertion or removal.

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