BASF Ultrasint PA11 - 20kg


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Ultrasint PA11

PA11 offers exceptionally high ductility and impact strength for any application requiring deformation and toughness, from automotive to medical. The powder is the perfect choice for the production of parts that need to withstand high mechanical stress, such as hinges, interior automobile parts or external fender structures. Its balanced mechanical property profile makes the material a sustainable alternative to PA12 for functional prototyping, on-demand spare parts and individualized components requiring skin contact.

Typical Applications Are:
  • Car interior parts
  • Bumper components
  • Film hinges
  • Functional prototypes and spare parts
  • Medium-loaded series parts
Delivery Form & Warehousing

Ultrasint® PA11 powder should be stored at 15 – 25°C in its originally sealed package in a clean and dry environment.

Product Safety

Mandatory and recommended industrial hygiene procedures and the relevant industrial safety precautions must be followed whenever this product is being handled and processed. Product is sensitive to humid environment conditions. For additional information please consult the corresponding material safety data sheets.

Material Properties
  • Tensile strength: 45 MPa
  • Young’s modulus: 1100 MPa
  • Elongation at break: 45 %
  • Charpy impact unnotched: 198 kJ/m²
  • HDT B (0.45 MPa, dry): 176 °C


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