BASF Ultracur3D Rigid UV Resin RG 1100 - 1 kg - Clear


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Ultracur3D RG 1100

Ultracur3D RG 1100 is a high-strength polyurethane-based engineering grade resin with mechanical properties comparable to widely spread injection molding grades used in automotive or other demanding industries. Due to its high heat deflection temperature (HDT 116°C), its good chemical resistance and long-term UV-stability this material is perfectly suitable for applications such as automotive connectors, demanding engineering parts, exterior covers, brackets and housings.

Material Properties
  • Young’s modulus: 3080 MPa
  • Tensile strength: 70 MPa
  • Heat deflection temperature: 116 °C
  • Water absorption (24h): 0.32 %


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