BASF Ultracur3D DM 2505 Dental Model Beige - 1 kg


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Ultracur3D DM 2505

Ultracur3D DM 2505 by Forward AM is a new addition to BASF's Dental Line: It is a rigid resin, a perfect solution for 3D modeling and molding for dental applications.


This resin’s very high print accuracy and detailing can bring the cost-per-part down for dental prosthetics manufacturers and clinics by reducing post-processing and fitting time, thereby accelerating their customer-base growth. No cleaning chemicals are required, as printed parts can be washed with water.


Ultracur3D DM 2505 is available in beige.

Example Applications
  • Dental models and molds


Material Properties
  • Young’s modulus: 2200 MPa
  • Tensile strength: 48 MPa
  • Viscosity, 30°C: 80 mPas
  • Hardness: 73 D


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