BASF Ultracur3D DM 2304 Gingiva Mask - 1 kg


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Ultracur3D DM 2304

Ultracur3D DM 2304 by Forward AM is a new addition to BASF's Dental line: It is a flexible resin specifically developed for non-medical gingiva mask parts for dental applications..


This resin is very flexible and soft and is perfectly suitable for use in connection with dental models printed with Ultracur3D DM 2505.


Ultracur3D DM 2304 is available in pink.

Example Application
  • Gingiva mask


Material Properties
  • Elongation at break: 160 %
  • Tensile strength: 4 MPa
  • Viscosity, 30°C: 160 mPas
  • Hardness: 50 A


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