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How it Works

BASF's debinding and sintering service is voucher-based. Each voucher purchased entitles the processing of a maximum of 0,5 kg of parts and includes the cost of returning the processed parts (only within the European Union). The cost of sending the parts to BASF must be covered by the customer.

The Pieces sent in need to meet the following requirements:
  • The total weight of the pieces may not exceed 0,5 kg.
  • The maximum dimensions of each piece may not exceed 100 x 100 x 100 mm.
  • Walls may not be thicker than 25 mm, as this would lead to insufficient debinding and a failed sintering process.
  • All parts must be made of the same material.
How to use the voucher

BASF's D&S platform is very easy to use and, in a few simple steps, the user can book the service, track the order and even have a look at the steps and details of the D&S processes as they are carried out.

The process is summed up in these 6 steps:
  • 1. Order your Voucher with a unique code.
  • 2. Go to D&S Portal.
  • 3. Create a free personal account (private or company).
  • 4. Submit your code to the D&S platform.
  • 5. Select the type of filament - 316L or 17-4 PH, and fill in the required information (quantity, weight, size, thickest wall, percentage of filler). And ship out printed parts.
  • 6. Track order and receive metal parts back from D&S service partner.


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