AnkerMake M5C HotEnd Set


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Maximum 35 mm³/s Extrusion Flow

With a powerful extrusion flow rate of 35 mm³/s and an impressive 82 mm³ melting chamber, M5C delivers exceptional extrusion force.

Heating: Faster Melting, More Possibilities

The upgraded all-metal extruder hotend features enhanced 60W heating power, allowing for the quick melting of different filaments, resulting in 1.5 times more heating efficiency than traditional printers.

High-Temperature Resistant:

Supports high-temperature printing up to 300℃ for materials including PA and PA-CF.

Precise Dimensional Control for Smooth Extrusion

The hotend maintains a tight tolerance of 2μm, and this exceptional level of accuracy guarantees smooth extrusion. The overall extrusion experience is further enhanced thanks to the surface smoothness with a Ra value of 0.8.


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