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Ankermake M5C




Ankermake is back with precise prints at high speed. Utilizing PowerBoost 2.0 technology and a lightweight extruder, M5C delivers printing speeds of up to 500 mm/s while maintaining 0.1 mm precision, so you can create quality models faster and more efficiently. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, designer, or engineer, this 3D printer lets you confidently unleash your creativity and bring your concepts to life with exceptional quality.

Key Features:
  • 15-Min Setup
  • Integrated Intuitive Design
  • 7×7 Auto-Leveling
  • Filament Error Alerts
  • Printing Resumes After Outages
  • PEI Soft Magnetic Steel Plate
  • Durable Parts
  • Supports 300℃ Printing


Easy Printing with User-Friendly Features

M5C supports 49-point automatic bed leveling, a hassle-free one-piece design for effortless installation, and power and filament outage recovery functions. It's also easy to remove the PEI flexible magnetic plate, offering a seamless printing experience for beginners.

Control Remotely From Anywhere

Through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, you are able to remotely control the printer, monitor the status of your prints, and transfer sliced models directly from your mobile device. The user-friendly AnkerMake app is easy to use for beginners and pros alike.


Built to Ensure Long-Term Stability

With a full-metal hotend capable of heating up to 300℃ and high-precision stainless steel dual Z-axis lead screws, this 3D printer provides long-lasting stability and quality prints.


Achieve 0.1 mm Precision Even When Printing at High Speed

AnkerMake M5C supports a range of nozzle sizes to suit your printing needs. With a 0.2 mm nozzle, it supports a layer thickness of 0.1 mm, resulting in a Ra value of 5 and a maximum height difference of 30 μm. Normal 3D print settings use a 0.4 mm nozzle with a layer thickness of 0.2 mm, resulting in a Ra value of 12 and a maximum height difference of 50 μm.

Small Extruder, Big Impact

Go from heating, to extrusion and cooling in record time with 35 mm³/s extrusion flow.

Full Aluminum Alloy

The integrated base and Z-axis module keeps the machine on stable low-vibration mode, always.



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