AnkerMake M5 PEI and Epoxy Soft Magnetic Steel Plate


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M5 PEI and Epoxy Soft Magnetic Steel Plate

This soft magnetic PEI plate has a double-sided integrated design. One side features a textured PEI surface, while the other side has a smooth resin surface. Use the PEI surface if you require better adhesion. Use the smooth side if your model requires a smooth bottom, and use a glue stick to help with the adhesion. The soft magnetic design is bendable, so you can easily remove models with a slight bend of the plate.

PEI Surface
  • Great Adhesion
  • Easy Removal
  • Heat, Flame, and Abrasion Resistant
  • High Print Stability
Epoxy Resin Surface:
  • Smooth Surface
  • Heat Resistant
  • Use a glue stick to help with adhesion while using the smooth resin surface.
  • For better AI recognition, please choose a printing side that does not clash with the color of the filament.
  • Before printing on the epoxy resin surface, please clean the surface thoroughly. You can use an AnkerMake PVP Glue Stick to increase the adhesion of the base layer and improve the printing success rate.

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