3DLAC 80ml Adhesive Stick for 3D Printing


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3DLAC Adhesive stick for 3D PrintingApplication

3DLAC STICK can be applied on multiple surfaces on which you want to print with 3D printers. Depending on each material, different adherences will be achieved, so we advise you to do previous tests before printing with certain technical materials. When removing the parts take special care, we recommend waiting until the temperature of the base is below 30 ° C and in case you do not remove the piece, let it cool in the refrigerator and the piece will be released only with a light touch.

Directions for use
  • Shake the product before use.
  • Over a clean and dry surface, place the container upside down and gently press the applicator against the hot bed for a few seconds and allow a small portion of the product to flow.
  • Spread a thin and uniform layer over the printing area for best results.
  • Let the product dry and start printing.
  • To remove the part, wait for the printing base to cool and remove.

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. After each use keep the cap on.

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