Zortrax Z-SUPPORT ATP 130 filament - 1,75mm - 800g - Natural


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Z-SUPPORT ATP 130 is a soluble support filament compatible exclusively with Zortrax Endureal. Models printed with Z-SUPPORT ATP 130 should be post-processed in a heated, stirred bath at a temperature of 80° C with the use of Z-SUPPORT ATP Activator. It is a complementary solvent which creates a mild alkaline solution when mixed with water. Thanks to that, the filament is less susceptible to draw moisture from air, which is reflected in a consistent printing quality it can bring.

Compared to Z-SUPPORT ATP (dedicated for Zortrax M300 Dual), Z-SUPPORT ATP 130 has a higher glass transition temperature, which makes it a great choice for high-temp 3D printing. The filament works with Z-PEEK and Z-ULTRAT Plus. Z-SUPPORT ATP 130 has a high dissolution rate, however, it strongly depends on the model’s complexity and the shape of support structures. To reduce the dissolution time, some of the supports can be very carefully removed by hand.

  • High temperature 3D printing
  • Models with complex geometries
  • Models with interlocked elements
  • Movable mechanisms, such as gears or bearing
Reliable performance

Z-SUPPORT ATP 130 bonds very well with high-temp filaments such as Z-PEEK and Z-ULTRAT Plus, which results in very good stability during the printing process.

Reduced hygroscopicity

The filament does not dissolve in pure water, but in an alkaline solution. As a result, it is effectively resistant to air moisture which leads to a longer shelf life when stored.

Ideal for complex parts

With Z-SUPPORT ATP 130, it is possible to 3D print complex shapes with interlocked elements. The supports can easily be removed from the areas that are difficult to reach by hand.

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